Care & Co., 2014

Care & Co. studio is the French specialist of design for healthcare and social care. As its partner, User Studio helped design the Nume project's identity, user interfaces and communication video.

Medical test results are often a source of anxiety for patients: how are you supposed to read or understand them? Moreover, each testing lab is likely to provide the patient's data in a different format. How is it possible to give the patient some measure of understanding of these data before the doctor will interpret them? How can we facilitate communication between the patient, his doctor and the lab?

Nume is a medical tests management app dedicated to patients, doctors and labs. The app enables the patient to read and understand the result's content, while strengthening the relationship with his main spokesperson for health issues: his doctor. The app can be used during medical consultations to help the patient to understand the medical tests protocol and the levels of cholesterol and such measurements to reach for the patient to be in better condition.

The app is specially designed for patients with chronic deseases, because they require special awareness. The framework enables the patient to understand and manage his testing routine with results overview, tests schedule, testing requirements, etc.