ePresse, 2012

Designing an online newstand experience

The use of electronic devices, tablets or smartphones for instance, in order to read books or newspapers is not just a widely shared trend. It is becoming the new standard. As a consequence, shifting from paper to digital is a pivotal issue for press industry companies. ePresse.fr, a French daily press and magazine online platform, wanted to design its website to adapt its content to all existing digital channels.

The issue at stake for our agency was to implement a multi-channel strategy thanks to web responsive design (RWB) of the website. We wanted the website content to be enhanced and reachable on every possible devices.

In fact, the original website lacked user-friendliness, and besides it the company’s product (a subscription offering a monthly access to a pack of about ten magazine) differed a bit from what we’re used to encounter, and so it had to be explained with accuracy. In fact, before the beginning of our collaboration, their customer service had already received several user complaints. They were due to some flaws regarding the original design of the website.

Responsive Web Design and Agile Software Development

This platform is now developed in Web Responsive Design. We chose to do so because this process has many advantages. First of all, because a Web Responsive website adapts automatically its content in order to perfectly fits each device where it’s displayed. So you don’t have to design an iOs and an Android app ;) Why it is important? Because when you proceed that way, you manage your website content much more easily. In our case, the content managers of ePresse.fr are supposed to uptade each magazine and newspaper front page as soon as it has been released. And now they just have to change it on one content manager system, and not on various app. That’s cool :)