La Transfo

Région Champagne-Ardenne, 2012

From September 2011 until January 2014User Studio is a partner of La Transfothe new innovation program of La 27e Region. The program aims to create the first generation of regional innovation labs from scratch. We will be working for the next few years to embed one in the heart of Champagne-Ardenne's Regional Council, in the eastern part of France.

On the basis of one week every trimester, our multidisciplinary team immerses itself in the Regional Council based in Chalons-en-Champagne to work with elected officials and civil servants on new methods to design their future public policiesThree keywordss for our mission:

User Research: go into the field to uncover people's real lifestyles
Visualization: define the complex topics at hand with the help of visual representations
Prototypingtesting our ideas before deployment to anticipate the possible implementations challenges

Please feel free to consult out online diary, updated by the team on a regular basis.