Withings, 2014

It’s a product less about data collection and graphs than acting on that data

Withings is one of the world leading startups on the Internet Of Things (IOT) scene. Today they are recognized internationally for their creativity and design. Recently, we’ve worked hand in hand with them on the Aura project.

Back in fall 2013, Withings was developing a new product, whose future looked bright: a smart sleep system. What does that mean? The product is called Aura, and it's composed of three distinctive entities. A thin sensor, that you locate under your bed, tracks various indicators in order to mesure your overall sleep quality. This sensor interacts with a bedroom lamp. And the entire device is being controlled through an iOS app.


Starting from scratch


So, we were asked to design the product app. Because Withings was introducing a new product on the IOT market, we couldn’t draw inspiration from an existing product. So, how do we work in such a case? We truly believe that a great idea is always the result of an intensive thinking process. So first, we needed to sketch and draft.

Every creative process supposes a first time dedicated to inspiration, in order to give birth to various creative universes, that we then decline. The aura device has strong ties with the nocturnal environment and what surrounds it. This explains why cosmos was one of the creative universe we've declined as part of this stimulative step.

Here are three inspiration boards we had initially presented to Withings:

COSMOS - The selected universe



Dreaming while sleeping

Withings develops connected products in the medical and welfare fields. These products are highly technical and accurate. The application's design needed to reflect the scientific approach of the brand and its associated experience.

The graphical work we realized is a balancing exercice between softness, emotion and data accuracy.

Each night of sleep is also full of dreams and symbols. It’s obviously a personal and intimate moment, whatever your dreams are. Aura’s app had to be far from a neuroscientist-only product, being able to create an emotional bond with each and every users.

Some of our graphical research on the shape of the "hypnogram"

This is why we’ve worked with such dedication on the hypnogram. It’s the diagram which presents each of the user's sleep phases, delivering various insights about them. The duality between engineering accuracy and emotion is deeply illustrated here. This diagram needed to maintain a highly specific presentation of datas. But we didn’t want to design a new Excel spreadsheet either!

As previously mentioned, in this project we had to design the leading app of the Aura product. The way we design the hypnogram speaks volumes about our entire work methodology throughout this project.

The graphical elements of the interface

Foreseeing the future of smart sleep devices

Aura was presented during the 2014 CES in Las Vegas. The Consumer Electronic Show (CES) is a tradeshow dedicated to consumer electronics and consumer technology. As a matter of fact, it is the biggest tradeshow in the World that's dedicated to consumer electronics and innovation.

This new system from Withings is one of the most interesting yet.

Honored with the 2014 CES Innovation Award in the "Health & Fitness" category

Aura was honored with the 2014 CES Innovation Award in the « Health & Fitness » category, and various newspapers gave the product a warm welcome.